Searching eHRAF

There are two methods for searching the eHRAF databases: Basic Search and Advanced Search. Whether you choose Basic or Advanced Search will depend on the type of information that you hope to find as well as the keywords, culture names and/or subject categories that you wish to use.

Basic Search attempts to match any terms that you enter against the cultures and subject thesauri used by eHRAF in order to automatically display the most relevant results. The work of finding and matching terms is done "behind the scenes". Advanced Search requires more user intervention in the process of constructing a search. In doing so, it allows you to customize your search by choosing specific cultures, regions or OCM subject categories from the thesaurus as well as adding keywords of your choice.

eHRAF works differently from other search platforms that you may be used to. This section of the user guide will walk you through searching and finding information in eHRAF.