Add (or remove) a search form

In Advanced Search, it is possible to add aditional search forms. You may wish to do this in order to narrow results to your specific criteria by including or excluding one or more sets of Subjects and/or Keywords. Adding additional search forms is most recommended for advanced users who are familiar with using eHRAF and Advanced Search to tailor their search terms.

On the Advanced Search page, clicking on the button in the bottom right hand corner of the search form will toggle options to add or remove an additional set of search criteria.

Click the + button to open an additional search form. You will see a second row of search boxes for Add Subjects and Add Keywords as well as a row of Boolean operators ("and", "or", and "not") between the original search boxes and the new ones.

Use the form to add your additional search parameters. See Add Subjects and Add Keywords for detailed instructions.

Be mindful of the additional row of Boolean operators, as they will determine how the search is implemented.

  • Selecting AND will force the search to require a match for both sets of search parameters in a single search operation. Recall that searching in eHRAF is done at the paragraph level, so eHRAF will search for paragraphs of text that match both search clauses at the same time. This will typically result in fewer hits.

  • Selecting OR will search for either form in its entirety. This will typically result in a great number of hits.

  • Selecting NOT will search for the first form and exclude only the parameters of the second form, and so on with additional forms.