Region and Culture Results Page

After submitting either a Basic or Advanced Search query, the first page you will see is the Region and Culture Results Page. This is the starting point for exploring the relevant culture, paragraph and document results based on your search terms. You will see the page loading for a few seconds while the number of results are calculated and sorted.

1. When the page has fully loaded and the retrieval process is complete, you will see "Finished" at the top, followed by a summary of the total number of results (number of paragraphs, documents and cultures found).

2. Beneath the total search results figures, you can find a link to show or hide a detailed view of your search query.

3. Next, you will find an expandable menu to refine your search results. Click on "Narrow Results by Subsistence Type and Sample", then filter the list of results by checking the relevant boxes for subsistence and sample types. Learn more about this in Filtering search results in eHRAF.

4. The remainder of the page presents your culture results. These are primarily organized by Region (e.g. Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and so on). If there are no hits from a particular region covered by eHRAF based on your search criteria, those regions will not be displayed.

5. For each region, the number of paragraph, document and culture results is also listed. Click on the > button beside the Region to view those results. You may expand and collapse more than one region category at a time.

6. A table will expand beneath the Region header organizing the results by sub-region and Culture Name. The table also provides the OWC identifier, subsistence type, relevant sample (if applicable), number of documents and number of paragraphs per culture. You can sort these tables by clicking on the column headers.

7. Click on any culture name to view the documents and paragraphs that match your search terms. This will take you to the Document and Paragraph Results View.