Print or Email Page Results

There are two options for saving the page results of your eHRAF search: Print or Email. Both options enable you to select the pages, paragraphs and/or selections you wish to save as well as customize what additional data or metadata (such as bibliographic information, subject headings and OCM categories) are included on the page.

To Print or Email results from the Full Context (Page Focus) view:

  1. Choose which search results you would like to print or email by clicking the check boxes to the left of the snippets or paragraphs on your screen. Alternatively, leave the boxes unchecked to print or email all the results.

    Selected paragraphs will be indicated with a clipboard icon beneath the checkbox.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Select either or .
    If you would like both options, you will be able to return to the results page to complete this step again later.
  3. A new window will open containing the contents of the page you were viewing on a white background. The title of the document and bibliographic information will appear towards the top of the page.

  4. Use the buttons across the top of the page to customize the page contents and layout before printing or emailing.
    • Page: will allow you to print/email all paragraphs from the page in your search results
    • Page Selections: will output only the paragraphs that you selected
    • Document Selections: will output your selected paragraphs from one or more pages of the document
    • : click this button to select the document- and paragraph-level metadata that you wish to have included on the page for printing/emailing. The additional fields will appear on the page as you check the appropriate boxes. See Publication Information for more about the categories of metadata.
  5. When you have finished selecting which information to display, click to print the page or to enter the email address where you would like the search results to be sent.
  6. Close the tab or window to return to your eHRAF search results.