Full Context (Page Focus) View

The Full Context view in eHRAF is where individual document pages are displayed. You can arrive at this view by clicking in the Document and Paragraph Results View. Your selected paragraph results will appear in the context of the full page from the original ethnographic or archaeological document. You should be aware of the following additional page elements and means for navigating the Full Context View.

1. The Author's name and Document Title will appear at the top of the page.

2. The Page Focus box on the upper left provides you with information about the page and the culture that the document describes. Fields in this box include the page number; region; culture name; field date; coverage date; and place coverage.

Note that paragraphs on different pages in a single document may have different values for time and place coverage. This information is taken from the original ethnography. Refer to this box as you move through a document to ensure that the dates and locations are clear and relevant to your research.

3. The Table of Contents box covers the entire document that contains the page you are currently viewing. You can click on Front Matter, Body, and Back Matter to browse sections, chapters and sub-chapter divisions of the document.

4. Click Publication Information in the Table of Contents box to view the full bibliographic record and additional data about the document on a new page. The button will also take you there.

5. The right-hand side of the page contains the paragraph results. The number of the page you are viewing is listed at the top.

6. Subjects (OCM categories) pertaining to each paragraph appear to the right. Click the OCM identifiers for a brief description and related categories.

7. Above and below the paragraph results, you can find navigation bars. Use the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons to move forward and backward through the document.

8. Use the Page List drop-down menu on the right to select a document page number from the list and jump directly to that page.

9. Navigate By: allows you to set the radio button to "All Pages" to flip through the entire document, or "Search Results" to see only the paragraphs in the document which match your search.

10. Use the check boxes to the left of the paragraphs to select multiple paragraphs one at a time. Scroll to the bottom of the page to print or email your selected results. See Print or Email Page Results.

Selecting paragraphs will also enable the Navigate By: "My Selections" radio button option (see 9).

11. Cite and Permalink buttons appear at the bottom of the page. See Citing eHRAF and Permalinks.