Filtering search results in eHRAF

In addition to categorizing search results by region, eHRAF allows you to sort your results by culture, subsistence and sample type. Once you have completed entering your Basic Search or Advanced Search terms and operators, you will be brought to a Region and Culture Results page. On this page, you have additional options for refining your completed search that will filter the results on that page according to Subsistence Type or Sample Type.

The subsistence types for the cultures represented in eHRAF have already been determined and organized into the following categories: Hunter-gatherers; Primarily Hunter-gatherers; Pastoralists; Horticulturalists; Intensive Agriculturalists; Agro-pastoralists; Other Subsistence Combinations; Commercial Economy. See Subsistence Types in EHRAF for more information.

The samples available in eHRAF are the Probability Sample Files (PSF); Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS); and Simple Random Sample (SRS). See Sampling in eHRAF for more information.

First, click on “Narrow Results by Subsistence Type and Sample” to refine your search. Then, check the boxes beside the relevant subsistence or sample types. The search results below will be automatically filtered to match your criteria.

Hover your mouse pointer over the labels in eHRAF to read the subsistence and sample type descriptions.

You may also sort the search results tables on the Region and Culture Results Page by the Sample or Subsistence Types columns.