Culture Summaries

A Culture Summary (or Tradition Summary for eHRAF Archaeology) is a brief overview of a culture (or tradition). Almost all cultures in eHRAF World Cultures or tradition in eHRAF Archaeology contain a summary.

Most of the summaries from eHRAF World Cultures were adapted from the Encyclopedia of World Cultures (1991-1996) that HRAF produced with G. K. Hall & Company (now Cengage). Other summaries appeared in the subsequent supplement. The tradition summaries in eHRAF Archaeology are largely adapted from the Encyclopedia of Prehistory (2001-2002) that HRAF produced in conjunction with Kluwer Academic/Plenum. The format, outline and headings are the same for each summary. You will find a basic overview about the culture, such as its economy, history, environment and sociopolitical organization. For archaeological traditions, you will find other important information, such as absolute and relative time periods, diagnostic material attributes and key sites. Culture summaries are indexed for subjects and they are also searchable and browsable, which means that they will appear in search results in eHRAF (as well as in the Culture Profile in Browse Cultures).