Page Elements and Navigation

The eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology interfaces have a similar layout and appearance. You should be aware of the basic page and navigation elements before you begin. Note that the screenshot below is from eHRAF World Cultures.

  1. Main navigation: Use the tabs to access eHRAF's search and browse options. The default view is set to Basic Search.
  2. Basic Search form: begin searching right away from here. See Basic Search for more information.
  3. What is eHRAF?: This box describes the database you are currently viewing and links you to further information on our homepage.
  4. News & Notes: Get the latest updates from HRAF. There is also a link to our homepage where you can find news, highlights and much more.
  5. Looking for ...: The box at the top of the center column will direct you to our other eHRAF database depending on whether you are currently viewing eHRAF World Cultures or eHRAF Archaeology. Note that if your institution does not subscribe to both databases, your access may be limited.
  6. Featured Culture or Tradition: A photo illustrating a different culture or archaeological tradition found in eHRAF will appear with each page load.
  7. Resource Center: Here you will find links to eHRAF guides, research and additional resources.
  8. eHRAF Highlights: A selected post from our homepage blog.
  9. Top Frame: Links in the top right will take you to in-situ help, comments or bug reporting for feedback to our technical team, and quick access to our other database.
  10. Page footer: Scroll down to find additional links and information at the foot of every page, including links to follow HRAF on social media.