Permalinks are permanent static hyperlinks or unchanging URLs that point to specific web pages or resources. In eHRAF, permalinks will take you to the Publication Informatin page for a specific ethnographic document. This is useful if you would like to direct someone to a resource found in eHRAF, for inclusion in references and citations, or to bookmark for future reference.

You can find a document’s permalink by clicking on the button in eHRAF. This button can be found at the foot of any Publication Information or Full Context (Page Focus) view.

When saving and sharing permalinks, please keep in mind that:

You can view Publication Information pages without logging in to eHRAF (including off-campus).

You cannot navigate through entire publications, view document pages or paragraphs, or conduct searches in eHRAF without logging in. (If you have trouble accessing eHRAF through your institution, please contact your librarian or provider.)