Finding citation information

Citation information or bibliographic details for a document can be accessed in several ways in the eHRAF databases. The most efficient way to find, copy/paste or save pre-formatted citation information is by using the Cite button located throughout eHRAF. You can also find document-level metadata (e.g. author's name, publication date, etc.) on a document's Publication Information page or via Print/Email results.

You can quickly obtain a pre-formatted bibliographic citation anywhere you see the button in eHRAF.

This button can be found in the following locations:

1. Beside the author’s name/document title field in the Document and Paragraph Results View.

2. In the Full Context (Page) View.

3. At the foot of the Publication Information page for any document.

4. On Culture Summaries in Browse Cultures (see Culture Profile)

Clicking on in any location will bring up a menu to select the reference style that you prefer (e.g. MLA, Harvard, Chicago). Simply copy the style example that you would like to use and paste it into your document.

Alternatively, you can export the reference to your chosen citation management program by clicking on the appropriate link (e.g. EndNote, RefMan or BibTex). Note that additional citation managers such as Zotero or Mendeley should give you an option to convert and save citations from any of the three formats provided. Refer to your citation manager’s documentation for assistance.