Subject Description

Subject Descriptions provide a brief overview of the OCM categories used for indexing eHRAF. They typically contain the following subsections: Subject Description; Broader Subject; Narrow Subjects; and Related Subjects.

  • The Subject Description specifies the subject's name and corresponding OCM category and provides a brief summary of what topics or information in eHRAF it refers to. It may also include notes added during indexing to indicate any changes or replacements in the category identifier since it has been in eHRAF.
  • Broader Subject will direct you to the parent topic above the selected subject in the overall OCM hierarchy of subject categories. Clicking on the broader subject label will launch a pop-up window with additional broader and narrower terms that will help you to situate your selected subject within the rest of the OCM.
  • Narrower Subjects will output a list of child subject categories in the OCM hierarchy contained under your chosen subject.
  • Related Subjects will direct you to additional subjects that might be useful for your search.