Browse Cultures by Region

Browsing cultures by region in eHRAF is useful if you know what part(s) of the world you are interested in and would like to get an idea of eHRAF's coverage or what cultures reside in those areas.

Begin by entering the eHRAF interface and find the navigation bar at the top of the page.

  1. Click on the tab.
  2. Click on the button.
  3. Select a world region from the list of continents (e.g. Africa, South America)

  4. For each continent, a list of sub-regions will appear. Click on the titles in the list to expand/collapse the section and view the culture names for each region.

  5. Beneath each culture name in eHRAF World Cultures, explore the Culture Profile (Culture Summary, Collection Description and Collection Documents) links for more information about the culture and the ethnographic sources in eHRAF. For eHRAF Archaeology, explore the Tradition Profile beneath each tradition name.