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Copper Inuit

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The Copper Inuit occupied the coastal and adjoining inland regions of much of Victoria Island and the opposite shores of the Canadian Arctic mainland. Some also hunted off the shores of Banks Island. They depended largely on seal and caribou for food. The identification of these people as a single group is a Western construct and was based on their association with deposits of copper. In 1984 the communities of Sachs Harbour and Holman were included in the Inuvialuit Land Claims Agreement. Other settlements are part of the new territory of Nunavut.


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North America --Arctic and Subarctic



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ANGAKUK -- shaman -- category 756

Holman Education Committee -- category 871

Holman Settlement Council -- category 623

photoperiodism -- categories 147, 182, 132

QALGI -- a large community snowhouse -- category 344

TUNRAK -- sorcerer/shaman -- category 756

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